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QUIZ: Can you name the Adventure Time Season 1 Episodes

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Finn and Princess Bubblegum accidentally bring Candy Kingdom people back to life
Jake is bitten by Lumpy Space Princess
Finn and Jake must rescue seven princesses from the Ice King
Finn and Jake help Tree Trunks search for the Crystal Gem Apple
Finn and Jake search for a legendary hero's handbook
Finn and Jake find a strange creature that can dance
A mysterious heart creature attempts to win over Princess Bubblegum
Finn and Jake thaw some businessmen from an iceberg
Finn tries to spend time with Jake and Lady Rainicorn
Finn tries to help a group of violent people living on a non-violent mountain
Finn and Jake try to gain free wizard powers
Marceline kicks Finn and Jake out of the treehouse
Finn and Jake enter a city where anybody who enters becomes a thief
A witch takes away Jake's powers as punishment for having a donut stolen
Finn creates a robot that comes to life
Finn tries to overcome his fear of the ocean
The Ice King announces he is getting married
Finn searches for the Crystal Eye inside a dungeon
The Duke of Nuts is blamed for disfiguring Princess Bubblegum
Magic Man turns Finn into a giant foot
Finn and Jake help a mean ogre change his ways
Finn becomes Marceline's henchman
Jake's imagination becomes real during a knife storm
Princess Bubblegum orders Finn and Jake to kidnap the Ice King
Finn and Jake meet Billy
Finn and Jake try to stop a gold eating creature called the Gut Grinder

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