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Can you name the Amendments to the Constitution?

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Forced Order
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Right to bear arms
People get all the rights that the government doesn't have
Prohibition of alcohol
No cruel or unusual punishment
Changed the date of inauguration
Reserved powers for states
Women's suffrage
Free speech
Freed the slaves
Popular election of Senators
Ended Prohibition
States cannot sue other states
Congress can't change its own pay
No quartering soldiers unless the owner consents
Right to due process for the accused
Established the electoral college
Right to a speedy and fair trial
No denying anyone the right to vote because of race
Rules for search and seizure
Presidents can only serve two terms
Chain of command when the president is incapacitated
Representative for DC
Right to trial by jury
Due process and equal protection for all citizens
Eliminated the poll tax
18-year-olds can vote
Federal government can take an income tax

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