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the one line lyrichow many words
well i raised beneath the shade of a georgia pine/ and thats home you know...7 words
she makes me happy/ i know where i'll be/ right by your side...5 words
so let me in, give me another chance/ to really be your man/ cause when the...8 words
i miss ya/ i miss ya/ i really wanna kiss ya...3 words, and a phone number
so hard with my girls not around me/ definitely not a nashville party/ cause all i see are stilletos...7 words
So leave it behind, cause we/ have a night to get away/ so come on and fly with me...6 words
I know that we'll have a ball/ if we get down/ and go out...5 words
you gotta help me out/ it's all a blur last night/ we need a taxi...6 words
the one line lyrichow many words
when he pull up, wanna pop my hood up,/ baby better have...6 words
i done been through the pain and the sorrow/ the struggle is nothing but love/ im a soldier...9 words
oh sweetheart put the bottle down/ you've got too much talent/ i see you through those bloodshot eyes...6 words
Let's have some fun/ this beat is sick/ i wanna...7 words
the silence isn't so bad/ til i look at my hands and feel sad/ cause the spaces..9 words
im ridin on a dolphin, doing flips and s%*t/ the dolphons splashing, getting everybody all wet/ cause this...9 words
i forgot to say outloud how beautiful you really are to me/ i cannot be without, you're my...4 words
but I don’t want to write a love song for the world/ i just want to write...8 words

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