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Can you name the Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no taizai) Characters?

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HumanSecond Princess of Liones
Human: DeceasedMember of the ROD
Human: DeceasedMember of the ROD
Human Child
HumanStep-Son of Fang of the Earth
DemonMember of TTC (Faith)
HumanSecond Reincarnation
Immortal Member of the SDS (Greed)
Human: Deceased Wife of Last Grandmaster
HumanYounger Brother of New Generation Survivor
Fairy: DeceasedFairy King's Best Friend
Demon RoyaltyNo Hint
Beastman: DeceasedBeastChild
DemonDemon Pawn
Human: DeceasedMember of the PAS
Demon Demon Soldier
DemonDemon Soldier
HumanHusband of Fang of the Earth
Demon: DeceasedMember of TTC (Truth)
Human (Druid): DeceasedEx-Holy Knight Grandmaster
DemonDemon Soldier
DemonMember of the SKB
Human: DeceasedCapital of the Dead
HumanDiamond Holy Knight
HumanHoly Knight (Unranked)
Human: DeceasedRuby Holy Knight
HumanMember of the PAS
HumanHoly Knight Mage
HumanHoly Knight Grandmaster
GiantMember of the SDS (Envy)
GoddessRuler of the Goddess Clan
GodessHighest Ranking Godess
VampireThe Rose
DemonLiving Weapon
DemonMember of TTC (Pacifism)
Human Child
PigBest Characters Mother
Human: Deceased Regular Knight
Human: DeceasedKnight of Danafor
Human: DeceasedElder Sage and Chief of Belialuin
Human: DeceasedHoly Knight (Unranked)
DemonDemon Soldier
Human: DeceasedMember of the WF
HumanHoly Knight Apprentice
Human: DeceasedHoly Knight Apprentice
Goddess: DeceasedMember of Stigma
Human: DeceasedFighter in the First Holy War
HumanMember of the WF
Giant and Demon: DeceasedMember of TTC (Patience)
Demon: DeceasedMember of TTC (Purity)
Human (Druid)Ex-Holy Knight Grandmaster
CelestialHeir to the Wing Sword
DruidProtector Of Druid Heads
Human: DeceasedMaster of the PAS
Black HoundFairy King's Pet
CatHead Cat
GodessAlly of the SDS
HumanKing of Liones
DemonDemon Soldier
DemonDemon Teacher
VampireThousand Temptations
HumanEmerald Holy Knight
Half Demon Half HumanMember of the SDS (Gluttony)
Human Child
DemonMember of the SKB
Demon: DeceasedMember of TTC (Reticence)
HumanBrother of the Sin of Pride
Human: Deceased Member of the WF
HumanSin of Wrath's First Love
Living DollMember of the SDS (Lust)
Human Child
FairyRoyal Advisor
DemonEx-Member of TTC (Patience)
DemonDemon Soldier
FairyMember of the SDS (Sloth), King of the Fairies
DemonDemon Teacher
FairyInformant of PAS
Human: DeceasedMember of the ROD
HumanMember of the PAS
HumanOne Shot Character
Fairy and Demon: DeceasedMember of TTC (Repose)
HumanFirst Princess of Liones
Human: DeceasedSister of the King of Liones
Human: DeceasedCapital of the Dead
Human: Deceased
Druid and GoddessDruid Ruler
Vampire: Deceased
Demon: DeceasedDebated Member of TTC (Selflessness)
Vampire: Deceased
Human: DeceasedQueen of Liones
HumanStep-Daughter of Fang of the Earth
HumanKnight of Danafor
Druid and GoddessDruid Ruler
HumanKing of Camelot
GiantGreat Fang of the Earth
Demon: DeceasedSister of Purity
HumanFighting Festival Champion
HumanBaste Doctor Daughter
DemonMember of the SKB
Human: DeceasedCrystal Holy Knight
Demon RoyaltyMember of TTC (Piety)
HumanMember of the ROD
HumanMember of the PAS
HumanSin of Pride's Saviour
Vampire: Deceased
Beastman: DeceasedSin of Greed's Mentor
HumanMember of the SDS (Pride)
Human Child
Pig: DeceasedBest Characters Younger Brother
Demon: DeceasedEx-Member of TTC (Selflessness)
HumanRuby Holy Knight
Demon RoyaltyMember of TTC (Love)
Human: DeceasedMember of the Wf
HumanEx-Holy Knight Grandmaster
Giant: DeceasedReluctant FIghter
HumanIs In Love With The Sin Of Greed
DemonMember of the SKB
HumanMember of the PAS
Human Child
Fairy RoyaltyFairy King's Sister
HumanSapphire Holy Knight
Giant: DeceasedWarrior Chief
DemonFriend of Love
DemonMember of the SKB
DemonCaptain of the SDS (Wrath), Ex-Member of TTC (Selflessness)
HumanCrystal Holy Knight
HumanMember of the ROD
DemonLeader of the SKB
HumanMother of Current Grandmaster
Bird: DeceasedPet of Dragon Sin
HumanFather of Current Grandmaster
Vampire: DeceasedBlack Claw
Human: DeceasedPriest

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