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What date were K & A born?
What time did the owls turn up to deliver the Hogwarts letters?
Describe A's wand.
Describe K's wand.
Which House did K nearly end up in?
What is the name of A's owl?
What is the name of K's cat?
Whose car ended up in the science lab?
Who went with K & A to Diagon Alley?
Which twin does K think is better looking at first?
What was K doing when she bumped into Ginny?
Whose parents were more at ease with the Wizarding World?
Why do K & A have a new DADA teacher in the second year?
What is A's first vision?
What was the most notable event of the third year?
Who is not amazing?
Who was K actually trying to knock off their broom?
Who does A 'accidentally' turn into a water goblet?
What are best friends for?
What does Fred call A at the end of chapter 2?
What game did K & A introduce to the Weasleys?
What time did the Portkey leave?
How, according to K, did Cedric Diggory descend to ground level?
What can A appreciate?
What does K grab onto instead of the Portkey?
What are the names of the dancing shamrocks?
Where is K's Guinness hat from?
What is their possible future nickname for Malfoy?
Which twin was slapped first?
What does Harry need to be taught to do, according to George?
With whom do K & A have a prank war?
Which children's dolls do the foreign wizards resemble?
Which TV show does K contemplate Voldemort appearing in?
Who is in the common room when they really shouldn't be, because they actually left last year?
Why is Harry wearing space undies?
Who knocks K over the age line?
Who has a thing for older men?
What is still (presumably) wandering around Hogwarts?
Where is K trying to hide George?
What does A call the statue of the knight?
What was A's most recent transformation incident at the start of chapter 7?
Why is Ron traumatised?
What is Twinsish for 'we locked A and Harry in a room for an hour so they'd sort themselves out'?
Which bit of George the Goblet was A trying not to touch?
Who had Fred the Water Goblet?
What food were K & A debating throwing at Professor Potato?
Why does Ron say that A will always side with Harry?
Did K ever actually give Cedric his voice back?
What colour complements Viktor Krum's complexion?
Why do Villiers and Potato act like Shakespeare characters?
Which song did Fred lead the school in?
What did Potato hit A in the back of the head with?

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