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'Take it from an old spectator. Life's not a spectator sport. If watchin' is all you're gonna do, then you're gonna watch your life go by without ya.'
'Ladies don't start fights, but they can finish them!'
'You, sir, are stuck! A wedged bear in great tightness! In a word...irremovable!'
'I despise guessing games!'
'Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.'
'Look! You get porridge and it's happy to see you!'
'Always let your conscience be your guide'.
'I'm a damsel, I'm in distress, I can handle this...have a nice day!'
'Even Miracles take a little time!'
'Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me!'
'Will you get your head out of the clouds and back in the water where it belongs!'
'Just cause I look like a man, doesn't mean I have to smell like one!'
'I'd rather die tomorrow than live 100 years without knowing you.'
'She's my little water baby! Isn't she cute?'
'There goes the baker with his tray like always'
'What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?'
'Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat.'
'Do you trust me?'
'All it takes is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust!'

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