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Colonel Ackerson's personal AI tasked with spying on Dr. Halsey
'Dumb' AI who worked with Noble Team during the Fall of Reach
'Smart' AI; had taken a 'real shine' to Sgt. Lopez
'Smart' AI, served with Spartan-117 during the human-Covenant war
'Smart' AI who took special care of the Spartan-III trainees
'Dumb' AI, helped train the Spartan-II's
'Smart' AI whose avatar was a tall, red Cherokee Indian chief with a feathered spear
'Smart' AI, assigned to Onyx and the planetary survey team in the area of Zone 67
The first experimental 'micro' AI
Insurrectionist 'Smart' AI who ran the Rubble's systems
'Smart' AI, a host for prototype routines to test the software intrusion routines that would later be used for Cortana
Planetary Security Artificial Intelligence on Harvest
First generation 'Smart' AI who often shut down for routine maintenance
ONI Section III 'Smart' AI in HighCom Facility Bravo-6 in Sydney, Australia
'Smart' AI, ran Harvest's agricultural operations on Harvest
Forerunner AI whom the Covenant kept in the Dreadnought
'Smart' AI whose avatar was an elderly Chinese woman in a peasant's garb
Forerunner AI designed specifically to effectively counter and exploit his predecessor's rampant actions
ONI 'Smart' AI aboard the UNSC Red Horse
'Smart' AI on Admiral Cole's flagship, UNSC Everest
'Smart' AI aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, a modified Phoenix-class Colony Ship.
'Smart' Shipping Operations AI on the Tiara Space Station, in orbit above the colony of Harvest
'Dumb' AI in charge of making sure the infrastructure of the city of New Mombasa runs smoothly
A subroutine created by Dr. Endesha to look after his daughter, Sadie
'Smart' AI aboard the UNSC Gorgon, fought the Insurrectionist-captured frigate Bellicose to a draw
'Dumb' AI who assisted the ODST's on the Alpha Halo
Forerunner AI, caretaker, guard and historian left to watch over Installation 04
Forerunner AI captured by the Gravemind

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