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Rookie record, no 'flash' in the pan afterwards
He could 'swat', big guy, lots of homers
Fast, wore red, moved like a 'rocket'
Dominated in the middle, almost needed 'stilts' to stop him
Oh so tall, quite a 'unit', scared many a batter
It was a 'dream' when he made that spin move
When he hit you, it felt like a 'moose' had run you over
He was a 'mail man' who delivered over and over again
Could he ever 'glide', one layup after another
When he start 'slamming', four runs would be added
He made way more than a 'dollar bill'. One of the best ever
When he made a move, the home crowd would yell, 'sweetness'
Passing, shooting, it was all 'magic' for him
He put a 'big hurt' on many opposing teams
Ah, way more than 'lucky' with that many goals!
He was a 'human highlight reel'
When he plays, reminds people of famous weather phenomenon, 'el nino'
When he took the mound, did surgery like a 'doc'
Just call him 'Mr. Cub'
When he darted around the ring, or unloaded with a right, he was 'marvelous'

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