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Recombination of antibody DNA occurs here
Recombination of antibody DNA is mediated by this enzmye
Junctional diversity contributes to variability at this antibody domain
Somatic hypermutation is mediated by this enzyme
B Cells make these two classes of antibodies first (Ig?, Ig?)
Aids in multimerization of IgM and IgA
B Cells originate here
Final maturation of B cells occurs here
Immature B cells have high levels of this antibody
Mature B cells have high levels of this antibody
Ligand involved in delivering a second differentiating signal from T cell to B cell
Antibody on mast cells, causes release of granule contents
Receptor on the mast cell that binds the above antibody
Name of the process where a phagocyte recognizes an antibody bound foreign cell and ingests it
Name of the process by which antibodies bound to foreign cell attract a NK cell which apoptosizes the cell
Co-receptor on T cell that binds MHC I
Co-eceptor on T cell that binds MHC II
Name of transcription factor that causes expression of self-antigens in thymus
T cells mature here
Major T Cell lineage marker
In step 2 of T cell activation, this receptor binds B7 from the antigen presenting cell
The consequence of missing the above receptor
Once activated, T cells secrete and bind this molecule that causes T cell divisions
CD4 T Cell that promotes inflammatory cellular immunity by activating macrophages
CD4 T Cell that promotes humoral immune response by activating B cells to make antibodies
CD4 T cell that regulates immune response

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