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Can you name the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 Trivia?

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What character is the Keymaster?
Who composed the title song?
What 2 colleges do Ray believe he will never get accepted to?
Who is the bad guy in Ghostbusters 2?
What 4 nicknames are given for this bad guy?
What character did William Atherton play?
Who directed the movies?
What is the name of the Ghostbusters' vehicle?
Who was originally supposed to play Dr. Peter Venkman?
What are the Ghostbusters confused for at the Sedgewick Hotel?
What year was the first film released?
What are the names of the Terror Dogs?
What was the number of Dana Barrett's apartment?
Where do the stairs go?
Who does the Alice the Librarian says her uncle thinks he is?
What are the last names in alphabetical order of the 4 Ghostbusters?
Who is the Ghostbusters' receptionist?
What is the Ghostbusters' motto?
Where in the hell is 'Johnny' from?
What was the name of Peter's talk show?
Who wrote the screenplays for both films?
Who is the heart of the Ghostbusters?
We came, we saw.....
No job is too big....
What national landmark to the Ghostbusters make come alive?
How long and how much would the Twinkie be and weigh if it represented the paranormal activity in New York?
What was the last name of the ghost in the courtroom?
What year did the second film come out?
What is Ray's plan to capture the Library Ghost?
What does someone write on Venkman's door at the beginning of the first film?
Does Ray believe in God?
Who has the last line of the first movie? (Full name)
Who has the last line of the second movie? (Full name)
Who composed the title song for Ghostbusters 2?
What is the name of Dana's baby?
Where did Venkman get the shirt he wrapped Dana's baby in?
What is Venkman's guess as to why the other Ghostbusters are wearing yellow rain gear?
Who was the Mayor talking to in his bedroom for an hour in the second movie?
How long had the man the Mayor talked to been dead?
What did Winston reply when Egon asked him if he got the number on the locomotive?
How much did Ray pay for the car?
Who played Dana Barrett?
What race was Gozer?
What 1988 movie do the prison guard and William Atherton have in common?
What were the walls of the 53rd Precinct doing that was odd?
What does Peter plan on doing when the Ghostbusters reach the teen floors of Dana's apartment building?
What toy did Egon have a part of as a child before he straightened it?
Where does Louis live?
What is Dana's counterpart to the Keymaster?
What does Louis say before he knocks over an old lady's bag of groceries?

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