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Chosen One
The Negotiator
Killed by Maul
900 years old
Killed while defending Coruscant
Son of the Chosen One
Son of Luke
Made the kessel run in 12 parsecs
Married Han Solo
Son of Han and Leia
Daughter of Han and Leia
Killed his father in Starkiller Base
Jedi wookiee
Grand Moff
Wears a metal suit
Trained by Dooku
The last of the fallen twenty
Trained by Dooku
Killed by Obi-Wan (Twice)
Killed by Palpatine
Stabbed by Grievous while fighting Dooku and Palpatine
Crashed into the Death Star
Made by Anakin as a boy
Old Republic Jedi
Old Republic Sith
Grand Master who fell to the Dark Side
Her Dark Side Name
Old Republic Jedi Healer
R-2 Unit
Killed On Kashyyk
Also Killed On Kashyyk
Chancellor Before Palpatine
Found On Jakku
Administrator on Cloud City
First Order Deserter
Creator Of the Rule Of the Two
Stole Death Star Plans
Created the Death Star
Died on the Citadel tower on Scarif
Died by Luke's old Lightsaber
Kicked Out of the Jedi Order at the end of the Clone Wars
Older than Yoda, Pirate
Chiss Grand Admiral
Killed by Mace Windu
Droid Bounty Hunter
Trandoshan Bounty Hunter
Killed by Jango Fett
Bounty Hunter that needs medical supplies
Protocol Droid turned Bounty Hunter
Lost the will to live
Mon Calamarian
Killed by Starkiller
Killed by Han Solo
Vader's apprentice
Starkiller's Pilot
Lord Of Hunger
Lord Of Pain
Lord Of Betrayal
Wields a purple lightsaber
Inferno Squad
Imperial Head Of State
Obi-Wan's clone Commander
Killed by getting shot in the back
Anakin's clone captain
Duros rebel
Choked by Kylo Ren
Armor made of palatines' old shuttle
Almost ate Luke
Killed by the reek
Killed by Obi-wan
Shot second
Survived the attack of the first death star
Lando's droid
Helped steal the plans to the death star
Phoenix droid
Phoenix Leader number 1
Phoenix Leader number 2
Phoenix Squad member
Phoenix squad member (Mandalorian)
Phoenix squad member (Jedi in training)
Lando's Copilot in the battle of Endor
Played by Harrison Ford
Blue Duros bounty Hunter
Governor of Naboo
Leia's Foster Father
Obi-Wan's Droid
Creator of Star Wars

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