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'You know what they say, wood doesn't grow on _____.'
Mr. Wellington- 'What is your account number' Spanky- 'Uh, _____?'
'Quick what's the number for ___?'
Twins- 'They like to moon ya!' Buckwheat- '___ ___ ___.'
Waldo- 'We just moved into town. My father bought the oil refinery.' Darla- 'That explains why you're so refined.' Alfalfa- '____, ___ ___ ____.'
Spankie- 'How do you plead' Alfalfa- 'Like this, ______ ___ ______ ____ _____, ______!'
Mr. Wellington- 'If you were my kids, I'd punish you.' Stymie- 'If we were your kids, we'd ______ _________!
'Nothing beats a buck and a ____'
QuoteMissing Words
'Dear Darla, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're ____ _______ ___ ____! Love, Alfalfa.'
'We're going to the race! We're going to win first place! And you ____ ____ ____ ____!'
Buckwheat- 'Hey, my mom's here!' Porky- '_____'
Stymie- 'Porky, you sure know how to make a sand-which.' Porky- 'That wasn't sand, that was _____ _____.'
'Then the clouds opened up and God said, '__ ____ ____, ______!''
Alfalfa- 'Why am I soaking wet?' Porky- 'Don't worry, Alfalfa. ___ ____ ___ ____ ___ ____ _______.'
'You only meet your once in a lifetime friends, ____ __ __ ________.'

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