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Scenario Nickname % Correct
Knowing only that his girlfriend's name rhymed with a female body part, this was Jerry's incorrect guess causing her to leave the apartmentMulva
The name of Kramer's roosterLittle Jerry Seinfeld
Bob Cobb insisted on being called this, despite conducting the Policeman's Benevolent Association OrchestraThe Maestro
This friend of Elaine's and briefly a Jerry girlfriend could crack open a lobster with her bare hands and could open a beer bottle that's 'not a twist off'Man hands
Jerry's one-time stalker and Elaine's one-time boyfriend, last name Davola, was given this nicknameCrazy Joe Davola
The name of Kramer's home-made statuette of JerryFusilli Jerry
Bob Cobb's favorite of the three tenors was Jose Carreras, but to Jerry and friends, he was referred to as...The Other Guy
Kramer's rotund friend, and snow ball target, had the last name Romanowski but was usually referred to by these initialsFDR
Kramer had to give the skin cancer screening because Jerry had called his girlfriend, Dr. Sara Sitarides, by this unkind nicknamePimple-popper, M.D.
This was the nickname Jerry had for his favorite shirt, before it finally fell apart to be replaced by Baby BlueGolden Boy
Scenario Nickname % Correct
While sabotaging Putumayo, Kramer posed as this 'wealthy American Industrialist' who was looking to open a silver mine in PeruH.E. Pennypacker
In order to ingratiate himself to his African American boss, George pretended to be best friends with a black bug-control guy who he claimed had this nickname as a linebackerThe Exterminator
George earned this nickname from Yankees fans after trying (and failing) to get fired by sort-of streaking at a ball gameBody Suit Man
Name any one of the first names Joel Rifkin proposed using (all of which Elaine rejected)Stuart, Todd, Alex
Despite his objections, Jerry and Kramer (and Keith Hernandez) called George this after his performance in a pick up basketball gameThe Chucker
The nickname of the appliance store owner whose nickname might be ironic, considering he injured his leg in the warLeapin' Larry
Name any one of the first names Elaine suggested her boyfrield Joel Rifkin assume to avoid having the same name as a serial killerDeion, O.J., Ned, Ellis, Remy
And while giving Kruger a skin cancer screening, Kramer adopted this pseudonymDr. Martin Van Nostrand
The nickname of Elaine and Holly's Grandma - the one who gave to Holly the nice table napkinsGrandma Mimma
Jerry took this pseudonym during the Puerto-Rican day parade to catch up on the Mets game in a stranger's apartmentKal Varnsen

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