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QUIZ: Can you answer questions about key events in science in the first half of the 20th Century?

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This geographically-named element, atomic no. 63, was discovered.1901
Sir Ronald Ross wins the Nobel Prize for investigations of this mosquito-bourne disease.1902
She becomes the first female Nobel Prize winner1903
Christian Hulsmeyer patents a system for bouncing radio waves off of objects that would later come to be called this.1904
Paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn describes this fearsome ancient carnivore.1905
Presenile degerneration, a brain disease, is first described, now known as this old age disease.1906
This commercially-successful plastic, named for its Belgian inventor, was created.1907
Kikunae Ikeda's work with MSG established this possible '5th taste'.1908
Fritz Haber discovers a procedure for industrial manufacture of this important compound from atmospheric nitrogen.1909
Georges Claude electrifies this element in lamps for the first time.1910
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes discovers this effect of no electrical resistance at low temperatures.1911
Alfred Wegener proposes this theory of terrestrial change1912
John B. Watson writes that the goal of this science is 'the prediction and control of behavior'.1913
Sir Henry Dale isolates this first-known neurotransmitter.1914
This great physicist provides a post-Newtonian understanding of gravity.1915
Using the mathematics of relativity, Karl Schwarzschild proposes the existence of these massive collapsed stars.1916
Shinobu Ishihara publishes a still-used test to diagnose this perceptual anomaly.1917
Arthur Scherbius patents this device used famously by German intelligence in World War II.1918
Arthur Eddington provides experimental proof for general relativity during this astronomical event.1919
Arthur Eddington suggests that this hydrogen-to-helium conversion process powers stars.1920
Otto Loewi's experiments on this cranial nerve prove the chemical nature of synaptic transmission.1921
A team of chemists isolate this hormone important in sugar metabolism.1922
Ethologist Karl von Frisch describes this unique type of animal communication.1923
This astronomer announces that the universe consists of many galaxies.1924
Wolgang Pauli described this principle of quantum mechanics.1925
This man launches the first liquid-fueled rocket.1926
This German physicist publishes his uncertainty principle.1927
Alexander Fleming discovers this wonder drug in mold.1928
Analysis of this astronomical Doppler shift proves that the universe is expanding.1929
This celestial object is discovered by telescope.1930
Harold Urey discovers this isotope of hydrogen.1931
This subatomic particle is discovered by James Chadwick.1932
Tadeus Reichstein synthesizes this compound in the lab that corrects scurvy.1933
The Logic of Research, a celebrated book by this philosopher of science, is published.1934
Ethologist Konrad Lorenz described this attachment behavior of young birds.1935
On Computable Numbers, a pioneering paper of computer science, describes this abstract computer, named for the author.1936
Element 43 is finally discovered - this lightest of all radioactive elements.1937
This fish, thought to have been extinct for 65 million years, is discovered off South Africa.1938
Alan Hodgkin and Andrew Huxley publish the first recordings of action potentials in these types of cells.1939
Donald Griffin and Robert Galambos discover that bats use this sensory ability when hunting.1940
Glenn Seaborg's team synthesizes this post-uranian element useful in military applications.1941
This Italian physicist creates the first controlled nuclear reaction.1942
The aqua-lung, later given this name, is invented by Jacques Cousteau.1943
This malaria fighting agent, a flavoring in tonic water, was synthesized for the first time by Robert Burns Woodward and William von Eggers Doering. 1944
Promethium is isolated during this massive, U.S. led wartime research effort.1945
Percy Spencer invents this ubiquitous kitchen appliance.1946
Willard Libby introduces this method for dating archeological specifmens.1947
This California telescope began operation with the first 200-inch mirror.1948
John Cade shows that this compound is useful in treating mania.1949
Chlorpromazine, the first effective drug to treat this psychiatric disease, is synthesized1950

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