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In the 44th episode of Star Trek, the Enterprise nearly becomes infested with these adorable aliens
After 563 home runs, this man had his number 44 uniform retired by the New York Yankees
This date is the 44th day of the calendar year
It ends 'Rise up and help us; redeem us because of your unfailing love.'
This well-remembered man, preceeded and succeeded by tryants, was Emperor of Rome in 44 AD (reign: 41-54)
On July 10, 1890, this became the 44th state admitted to the United States of America
The country code '44' would be used to dial a person in this world capital
Along the prime meridian, the 44th N line of latitude would cross this country
This is 44 squared
This element with the symbol Ru is atomic number 44
This gallant European won the 44th Masters golf tournament in 1980, his second of 5 Majors
In 1998, this controversial 1915 silent movie based on The Clansman (a novel) placed 44th on AFI's list of 100 greatest American movies
The cough medicine with the name Formula 44 comes from this company
This city celebrated its first Super Bowl championship after Super Bowl XLIV (44)
This number is the largest divisor of 44 which is also a prime number
Interstate 44 passes through just this one state capital
Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States. Who was the 44th Vice President?
His 1978 44 consecutive game hitting streak was third longest in major league history

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