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What is the last name of the singer who's hits include 'Mysterious Girl'?
Which European country is bordered (to the east) by the Black Sea?
What woodwind instrument's varieties include a Piccolo and an Alto?
What is the general position of John Terry and Ashley Cole, in football?
Which English King reigned from 1272-1307?
What place has a high density of trees?
Which European country is bordered by 9 countries?
Which ship is featured in the book 'Treasure Island'?
Which media players are designed and produced by Apple?
What is the capital city of Israel?
Hello _____ (fictional character created in Japan)?
Ed Miliband is the leader of which political UK party?
Albania borders Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Greece, and which other country?
Who is the next-door neighbour to the Simpsons family, in 'The Simpsons'?
Which major sporting event has been held in cities recently such as London, Beijing, and Athens?
Which element's symbol is 'Pt'?
What is the Holy Book in Islam?
Which radio station was Chris Moyles part of for 8 years?
What is the last name of the singer who's hits include 'Lego House'?
Which Oceanic country was formerly known as 'The Ellice Islands'?
What are places such as Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas part of?
______ the Crocodile (fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games)
Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister in which war?
What is the first video games console developed and produced by Microsoft?
What is the colour of lemons, butter, and the Sun?
What is the capital city of Croatia?

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