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QUIZ: Can you name the spells of Harry Potter?

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what the spell doesincantation
provides light
hangs person by ankle
invades someone's mind
lights on fire
unlocks a door
summoning charm
sends a wad of gum up someone's nose
water spell
waterproof blue flames
clears a blocked airway
killing curse
conjures birds
sends conjured objects flying to attack
causes an explosion
locking spell
stickfast hex
blasting curse
confundus charm
causes pain
gives the castor control over someone
slows a falling body
causes front teeth to grow
severing charm
causes wand to point north
Engorgement charm
heals broken bones
what the spell doesincantation
Vanishing Spell
patronus charm
disarming charm
summoning charm
summons a snake
the other explosion spell
creates bandage and splint
counters most spells, hexes and jinxes
causes an object to grow hot and burn whomever touches it
Knockback Jinx
pimple/boil Jinx
multiplies an object
Human-Presence-Revealing Spell
freezing charm
Impediment Jinx
water proofing charm
ties someone up in ropes
jelly-legs jinx
glues the toungue to the top of the mouth
counter to levicorpus
leg-locking curse
Tongue-Tying Curse
levitates and moves bodies
summons the dark mark
muffles conversation
counter for lumos
what the spell doesincantation
repairs broken glasss
memory charm
causes flowers to sprout from a wand
full body bind
turns object into portkey
shows last spell cast
shield charm
microphone/loudspeaker spell
counter to sonorus
shrinking spell
reductor curse
release charm
revives a stunned person
fixing charm
tickle charm
boggart spell
scouring charm
dark cutting hex (used on draco)
silencing charm
stunning spell
Dancing Feet Spell
siphons liquid
tickle hex
levitation charm
banishing charm

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