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What is Sams Nickname?
Where does Ricky Find Conky?
What is Bubbles Cougers Name?
What Canadian Late night show host does Julian hate?
What bird sounds like its saying cheesburger?
What animal does a Mr. Lahey use to make Randy a Cheeseburger?
What monster does Bubbles think is real?
Mr. Lahey claims to be what?
What Porno does Bubbles Star in as a Lumber Jack?
What is Randys prostitute name?
What can Smokey aparently do?
What is Phils full name?
Whats Phils and Randys Burger Shack Called?
What sport does Bubbles enjoy while in jail?
What position does Ricky play very well at in ball hockey?
What does Jroc get caught doing by his mom and the boys?
What is the name of Rickys Child?
Who helps Jroc and T with their rapping careers?
Who is the stupid cop Ricky always manages to trick?
How many seasons of trailer park boys was there?
Whats Bills nickname?
Bubbles has a song titled Liquor and ?
Who is Bubbles favourite band?
What is Conkys nickname for Julian?

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