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Forced Order
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'I still feel the sting in my hand, from when I hit you.'
'I feel a brand new sickness, coming over me like a storm'.
'I need someone much more mysterious.'
'Purple lights and yellow days/ neon signs and silver lakes.'
'Winds lifting tired feet/ Skin sensing challenge ahead.'
'I see through your thin cotton dress.'
Things would be better than this/ There's an angel by the ocean I miss.'
'When your car crashed, did your ghost find peace.'
'Made me forget/ About all the dreams I kept'
'What do you think in the backseat travelling from the yellow open state.'
'Wrapped in white sheets/ Like an angel from a bedtime story.'
'Says a prayer as she's kissed by ocean mist.'
And if I roll and kick around, I might knock her to the ground/ But she'll come back anyhow'.
'You ain't doing nothing that I don't already know.'
'Lost memories of my youth are coming into view'.
'Can almost hear rollercoasters and sailboats in the sea.'
'Where have all the people gone, in my life?'
'Another dying kid that learnt too much too soon'.
'Without you is all my life amounts to.'
'Kill my neighbours and all my family too/ They doubt my direction.'

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