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Forced Order
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Elliott Smith songsSongAlbum
'You can do what you want to, whenever you want to.'
'March down the street like the duracell bunny.'
'Haven't laughed this hard in a long time, better stop now before I start crying''
'The moon is a sickel cell, it will kill you in time'
'I want to hurt him, I want to give him pain...'
'You come over, with all of your friends and all their opinions I don't wanna know'
'I'm never gonna know you now, but i'm gonna love you anyhow'
'I had tender feelings that you made hard, but its your heart not mine that's scarred'
'Drink up baby, stay up all night'
'Your hand on his arm, haystack charm, around your neck.'
'Got a foot, in the door, God knows what for'
'You'll take advantage til you think you're being used'
'Someones always coming around here, trailing some new kill'
'I'm in love with the world, through the eyes of a girl'
'I wouldn't have you, how you are'
Elliott Smith songsSongAlbum
'Don't you know that I love you. Sometimes I feel like, only a frozen still life'
'Anything that I could do, would never be good enough for you'
'Don't be cross, its sick what I want'
'Everything is exactly right, when i walk around here drunk every night'
'Actvity's killing the actor, and the cops standing out in the road waving traffic away'
'One day she'll go. I told you so'
'I'll fake it through the day with some help from Johnny Walker Red'
'A little less than a happy hi, a little less than a suicide'
'Everyone is gone, home to oblivion'
'Sunshine, been keeping me up for days. There is no night time, its only a passing phase''
'Cut this picture, into you and me, burn it backwards kill this history'
'Cos my feelings never change a bit, I always feel like ****, I don't know why I guess that I just do'
'They say that God makes problems, just to see what you can stand, before you do as the Devil pleases'
'I met a girl, snowball in hell, she was hard and as cracked as the liberty bell'
'Looking for the man that attacked me, while everybody was laughing at me'

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