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Can you name the Christmas carols by their composer and year written?

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(Year) ComposerSongTrivia
(1934) Felix Bernard & Richard B. SmithThis is the only song on this quiz that doesn't explicitly mention Christmas
(1719) Isaac WattsThe tune we know dates to 1839
(1943) Hugh Martin & Ralph BlaneFirst performed by Judy Garland in the movie 'Meet Me in St. Louis'
(1780) Uncertain OriginThe lyrics date from 1780, but the tune of this 'cumulative song' dates from 1909
(1951) Meredith WilsonThe song is apparently about the the Grand Hotel in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
(1970) Jose FelicianoA simple translation of the chorus is 'Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!'
(1944) Donald Yetter GardnerGardner wrote the song after asking his second-grade class what their Christmas wishes were
(1950) Jay Livingston & Ray EvansFirst performed in the movie 'The Lemon Drop Kid'
(1862) Thomas OliphantBased on an old Welsh hymn dating to at least the 1780s
(1950) Walter 'Jack' Rollins & Steve NelsonThe story allegedly takes place in White Plains, New York from which a traffic cop expelled the protaganist
(Year) ComposerSongTrivia
(1853) John Mason NealeThe tune dates to at least 1582
(1941) Katherine K. DavisThe version we know was sung by the von Trapp family singers in 1955
(1958) Joseph Carleton Beal & James Ross BoothDespite its name, Billboard has historically considered this a country song
(1962) Noel Regney & Gloria ShayneWritten as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis
(1859) John Freeman YoungBased on the Austrian song with the same tune, 'Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht'
(1934) John Frederick Coots & Haven GillespieDebuted on Eddie Cantor's radio show in 1934
(1984) Bob Geldof & Midge UreWritten to raise money for the mid-1980s famine in Ethiopia
(1857) James Lord PierpontA plaque in Medford, Massachusetts commemorates the origin of this song
(1949) Johnny MarksBased on the 1939 story of the same name
(1940) Irving BerlinWritten while Berlin was staying in La Quinta, California

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