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1954, statistical studies of atomic wave functions
1954, invention of the coincidence method
1955, measurement of the magnetic moment of the electron
1955, discoveries in the hydrogen spectrum
1956, investigations on semiconductors and invention of the transistor
1957, discovery of violations of the principle of parity
1958, discovery and interpretation of Cherenkov effect
1959, confirmation of the existence of the antiproton
1960, development of the bubble chamber
1961, determination of the shape and size of atomic nucleons
1961, discovery of the Mössbauer effect
1962, contributions to the understanding of condensed states of matter
1963, development of the shell model theory of the structure of atomic nuclei
1963, principles governing interaction of protons and neutrons in the nucleus
1964, work in quantum electronics leading to construction of instruments based on maser-laser principles
1965, basic principles of quantum electrodynamics
1966, discovery of optical methods for studying Hertzian resonances in atoms
1967, discoveries concerning the energy production of stars
1968, work with elementary particles, discovery of resonance states
1969, classification of elementary particles and their interactions
1970, work in magnetohydrodynamics and in antiferromagnetism and ferrimagnetism
1971, invention of holography
1972, development of the theory of superconductivity
1973, tunneling in semiconductors and superconductors
1974, work in radio astronomy

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