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Jet (No rating given, just a video of a monkey urinating into his own mouth)(No review given either, just that monkey...)
0.0 - Various ArtistsIf nothing else, this album is a reminder that it's not the bands that sell out, it's the business.
0.0 - Sonic YouthNow, finally, my generation has its Metal Machine Music-- an unfathomable album which will be heard in the squash courts and open mic nights of deepest hell. t least Lou Reed had the good grace to keep his mouth shut on his grinding hallmark of pretentious ejaculation.
0.0 - Travis MorrisonI've never heard a record more angry, frustrated, and even defensive about its own weaknesses, or more determined to slug those flaws right down your throat.
0.0 - Liz PhairIt's sad that an artist as groundbreaking as Phair would be reduced to cheap publicity stunts and hyper-commercialized teen-pop.
0.0/10.0 - Robert PollardIf more drunks would learn from Robert Pollard, simply accept his teachings, alcoholism wouldn't be treated-- it would be celebrated.
0.1 - Push KingsI really wish I had never, ever heard this.
0.2 - WolfieThis [referring to a positive review with the line 'Wonderfully creative music'], honestly, is enough to make us at Pitchfork want to give up.
0.2 - VueThis album gives rock music such a bad name that it makes me wonder if these silly f***ers might not be the indie rock Antichrists, sent here to destroy good rock music for us all.
0.2 - Various Artists/Johnny CashI've been scouring the book of Revelation for some mention of this album, figuring it had to be the soundtrack to the Four Horsemen's scourge or maybe the eight-track in the seven-headed beast's '66 Camaro.
0.2 - Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip...the sort of song that makes me borrow something first said about 'My Humps', namely that it transcends merely being horrible music and places itself into the realm of pure evil.
0.2 - remarkably vacant that it fails even as parody, succeeding only in making the sweet release of death seem all the sweeter with every track.
0.3 - Old Time RelijunIf de're jus' suppose to be a big joke, I just don't get it, y'all! Ah guess dey jus' gotta show ever'body just how durn apeshit crazy an' stupid they is! And dey doin' a helluva job wid' 'dat. Keepa goin', boys. Suckin' is cool. Heh. Heh.

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