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Can you name the answers to Judith Keppel's Who Want's To Millionaire (first UK winner)?

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 a) Partridge b) Puffin c) Parrot d) Penguin
 a) Would b) Shall c) Should d) Will
 a) Tooth b) Gun c) Eagle d) Delicious
 a) Apricot b) Grapefruit c) Plum d) Mango
 a) Tug of War b) Basketball c) Ice Hockey d) Polo
 a) On his head b) On his arms c) On his legs d) On his hands
 a) Taurus b) Capricorn c) Aquarius d) Aries
 a) Russia b) Ecuador c) Nepal d) Morocco
 a) England b) Northern Ireland c) Scotland d) Wales
 a) Ranulph Fiennes b) Mother Teresa c) Nelson Mandela d) Mikhail Gorbachev
 a) Belgium b) Holland c) Germany d) Austria
 a) Tiger b) Clown c) Bear d) Dog
 a) Salmon b) Horse c) Pigeon d) Octopus
 a) St James b) St John c) St Benedict d) St Peter
 a) Henry I b) Henry II c) Richard I d) Henry V

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