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How many Etch-E-Sketch's did Buddy make?
When Buddy fails to meet his quota what does he call himself?
what is buddy's 'special talent'?
what is buddy's good news?
what is the name of santas sleigh?
what is the first thing santa tells buddy about nyc?
what is the second?
what is the third?
what does buddy congradulate the restaurant owners on?
what does buddy think the buttons in the elevator look like?
what does buddy forget to give the guy in the elevator?
what is he afraid of a gimbels?
what does buddy say the toilets are?
what is the code word buddys boss uses over the radio?
what size ribbons curls does he want?
what song does buddy sing for santa on his birthday?
what does he give his father for christmas?
how many layers are in the candy cane forest
what is the first activity on buddys list for him and his father to do?
what is the second?
what is the third?
what is the last?
how many cookies did buddy cram into the VCR?
what does the anchorwoman want for christmas?
what is the name of the author walter hires?
what kind of elf does buddy think miles is?
what does buddy say the mailroom smells like?
who has been after santa for years?
in the first book pitch, what are the clan of asparagus children self-conscience of?
what song does jovie start singing to spread christmas cheer?

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