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went out with rachel and melissa, deputy head
dated brett jack and tom
best friend of paul
son of tom clarkson
first wife of grantly
boyfriend of mika
sister of tariq and trudi
tried to kiss jo lipsett
has a twin sister
married his spanish teacher
deputy head who went to rwanda
wife of site manager
autistic pupil friends with aleesha and danielle
youngest kelly
alcoholic english teacher
sets school on fire
daughter of izzie
wife of connor
best friend of sam kelly
shot maxine
mother of bolton
School governor who bull dozed the school
fostered Sam kelly for a while
useless series 5 english teacher
Worked in canteen and the school house
Secretary series 8
sister of him who married his teacher
daughter of headteacher who slept with mr mead
boyfriend of josh
strict english teacher who didn't get along well with Karen
father of chlo and mika
food tech teacher series 5
headteacher series 6
adopted and also a student
husband of food tech teacher
has a twin sister
stabbed izzie
sister of barry and dynasty
got killed in a car crash in series 1
drama teacher who got stabbed
died of brain tumour
best friend of bolton
head of pe series 4 who dated jasmine koreshi
Ronan's girlfriend who slept with her best friends boyfriend
daughter of pe teacher series 7
part of DSC
fostered by steph
friend of amy porter
bulimic son of headteacher series 6
head of french and close friend of steph haydock
DJ and close friend of Jonah
deputy head of english series 4
opinionated pupil who dated bolton
daughter of janeece
phoenix's little brother
geography teacher who disliked his sons wife
secretary in series 1 and 2
sister of kacey and barry
got both jess and vicki pregnant
dated finn after sam died
brother got killed in a car crash in series 1
runaway daughter of series 6 headteacher
son of alcoholic English teacher
attempted suicide in series 5
pupil in series 1 and staff in series 6
head teacher series 3-5
struggling maths teacher
left his nans body in his flat so he wouldn't go in to care
head girl who dated marley kelly
close friend of cesca and head of pastoral care
ex alcoholic Irish mum of 5
best friend of aleesha
had an affair with michael byrne
head boy who dated flick mellor
series 8 student
deputy head series 5-7
head teacher series 7 part 2
mother of the barry's
got killed on way to scotland
went to rwanda with andrew treneman
attempted suicide with boyfriend finn in series 5
series 7 english teacher
rubbish french teacher
founder of waterloo road in scotland
receptionist in series 4 onwards
troublemaker who came in soon after sams death
father of donte
attacked bex and cesca with his dog
pe teacher series 7
son of kim and max
brother of kacey and dynasty
best friend of danielle
married her pupil
investor in series 2
sister of chlo
daughter of chlo and donte
rapist series 8
pupil in series 1 and ex boyfriend of maxine
supply teacher who abused janeece
son of pe teacher series 7
michael byrne's attacker
head teacher series 1 and 2
English teacher who ran michael over
boyfriend of chlo
series 8 history teacher
ms sufferer
site manager who dated karen fisher

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