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family guy
what is the name tv channel peter made?
when he made his own religion who did he worship?
what drink did peter nearly kill himself with?
in 'and then there were fewer' who did peter knock out?
what did peter want to build when he found out he wasn't part of the usa?
in which episode to peter have a vasectomny?
what country was he born in?
what instrument can peter play when drunk?
when the street got in an argument about a trophy what did peter steal from joe?
in spies reminiscent of us who's bathroom does peter use?
family guy
In petartded who did peter run over?
what is peter's arch nemesis?
what is the name of peter's restaurant?
what is peter's favourite song?
what instrument did peter play at college?
what is speacial about peter's driving licience?
what is peter's favourite rock group?
how old is peter according to the annual 2011?
what did peter punch because it kissed loisnat sea world?
who has peter locked in a crate many times over the years?

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