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Can you name the novel-length works of Gothic fiction?

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Plot SummaryTitleAuthor
Creepy ventriloquist drives Clara's brother Theodore insane; murderous rampage ensues.Charles Brockden Brown (1798)
Johnny Truant discovers dead man's manuscript RE: non-existant documentary film of a family's unusual home.Mark Z. Danielewski (2000)
Reclusive sisters Constance and Merricat live happily despite murdered parents, village's scorn.Shirley Jackson (1962)
Writer Ben Mears finds his home town infested with vampires.Stephen King (1975)
Ambrosio the not-so-virtuous rapes and murders his way to eternal damnation.Matthew Gregory Lewis (1796)
Ex-slave is haunted by the ghost of the daughter she murdered to protect her.Toni Morrison (1987)
Southern teenager Francis Tarwater tries to escape his destiny of becoming God's prophet.Flannery O'Connor (1960)
Plot SummaryTitleAuthor
Emily St. Aubert suffers death of her father, castle of supernatural terrors, and more.Anne Radcliffe (1794)
Scientist creates life and is promptly horrified by it.Mary Shelley (1818)
Manfred attempts to wed the almost-bride of his dead son; plans thwarted by a peasant and a prophecy.Horace Walpole (1764)
The rise and fall of Thomas Sutpen in Civil War era South is told in flashback by various narrators.William Faulkner (1936)
In rural Mississippi, young Harriet pursues the criminal she thinks responsible for the murder of her brother.Donna Tartt (2002)
The enduring love of Catherine and adopted brother Heathcliff destroys their lives, the lives of those around them.Emily Bronte (1847)
Hedonistic young man sells soul to preserve youth.Oscar Wilde (1890)

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