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DescriptonPoetic Device
use of a greater number of conjunctions than necessary
arrangement of words in ABBA order
delay of the final word to the next line
omission of conjunctions
deliberate undersatement
separation of a compound word with another word inserted in the middle
juxtaposition of two oposing ideas
use of the part to stand for the whole (or vice versa)
use of one word to suggest another
use of a single word with a pair of others when it logically applies to only one
application of an adjective ot one noun when it properly applies to another
deliberate repetition of initial consonant
DescriptonPoetic Device
an explicit comparison
repetition of vowel or syllable sounds; internal rhyme
implied comparison
prolonged metaphor
address to someone or something not present
repetion of words or phrases
two nouns connected by conjunction instead of one modified nound
a climactic series of three examples each more intense than the last
omission of words from the sentence
arrangement of pairs of words in ABAB pattern
use of words whose sound suggest their meaning

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