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Can you name the Livy Characters and Places: Books 1-8?

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Son of Ascanius. Born in the forest.Think 'Ag' on the periodic table.
The other Trojan refuge.
Fought agains the Trojans in Italy.
What Livy called the Latin tribes.Think 'Australia'
Mother of our Trojan heroA bit vain.
Fled Troy carrying his father
Town founded by AscaniusAlong the base of a 'white' mountain.
Aeneas' immortal name
Fled political unrest in PaphlagoniaEnded up in Venice.
Cruel Etruscan king. Had very 'creepy' execution style.
Descendant of Iulus who drowned crossing Rome's river.Gave the river his name.
HintAnswerAdditional Info
Lived near the Alps. Conquered by the Trojans.
The TIber River's first nameThink of Dumbledore.
Ruled a small kingdom on the Black SeaKilled in an uprising.
Aeneas' ghostly wife
The girl everyone wanted to marry.
Region between the Adriatic Sea and the Alps.Later became famous for glass.
Just had to have Laviniawouldn't take 'no' for an answer.
It's walls were impregnable?Except to trickery
Town Aeneas named after his 2nd wife
King of the Latins

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