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DescriptionDerivativeLatin Word
entrusting; approval, praisecommendo, commendare
act of annointingunguo, unguere
a statement testifying to a factcertus
surreptitious; furtive; underhandedclam
a bishoppons
a wedding ceremonynubo, nubare, nupsi
showing disrespectvereor
belonging to the Eastorior
to take out; rejectlimen
within a stateintra
an official robe or gownvestis
DescriptionDerivativeLatin Word
natural tendency; ability; talentaptus
marriageablenubo, nubere, nupsi
acting as a rulerrego, regere
inclined to find faultqueror
mentally illmens
a system of diet, etc., to maintain healthrego, regere
salve or ointmentunguo, unguere
below the threshold of consciousnesslimen
very skillful or versitiledextra
ornamental wristbandbracchium

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