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QUIZ: Can you name the Tweets that characters in Vergil's Aeneid might have sent?

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@Venus. quit with all the disguises already!?Book I
@the north wind. now what?! can't I leave you guys alone for a minute??Book I
@Aeneas. I don't think we're in Troy anymore. let's ask this cute Spartan huntress for directions?Book I
hey! where'd everyone go? I guess I'll just sit here and wait until someone comes looking for m..........?Book II
He is just to die for! I could listen to him talk for hours!?Book II
@Sinon. Well, you seem like a nice guy....what harm could there be. ?Book II
@Jupiter. it isn't fair! she gets everything! Venus! Venus! Venus!?Book I
@Juno. you're sure I won't get in trouble for this??Book I
Ugh! Nobody ever believes me!?Book II
Hey guys! lets go kill some Trojans!... guys? guys? uh-oh?Book II

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