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Producing over 1000 portraits in his lifetime, this American is most famous for his depiction of George Washington.
Labelled a photorealist, this creator of oversized portraits commonly pixellates his subjects.
'William Rush and his Model', 'Portrait of Walt Whitman', and 'The Swimming Hole' are some of his most famous works.
This painter of 'Death of Marat' and 'Napoleon at Saint-Bernard Pass' was exiled upon the return of Bourbon rule.
Famous for his painting of Sir Thomas More, this German is distinguished by name from his 'elder' father.
One of the first European landscape artists, he was made famous from his self-portrait depicting himself in the image of Jesus.
Painting Theodore Roosevelt and Robert Louis Stevenson, this artist travelled worldwide to gather subjects for his paintings.
His work, 'The Artist's Mother', was undoubtedly his most famous.
A painter in the Spanish court during the Baroque period, he is famous for portraying King Phillip IV.
This British-born painter travelled to the colonies to paint Paul Revere and John Hancock.

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