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Can you name the Periodic Element Groups?

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Can you name these elemental groups?
High melting and boiling points with loosely bound d-orbital electrons.
These scarce elements with industrial usages form generally ionic compounds
Utilizing the f-suborbital, all members of this group are radioactive.
Shiny and solid at room temperature, these elements have very low electronegativity.
These elements are characterized by densities and properties that vary greatly. Polonium is a member of this group.
These poor conductors of electricty have high ionization energies and include oxygen and nitrogen.
Located in column VIIA, these elements with very high electronegativities are poor conductors.
Known for having complete valence shells, these inert elements are located at the far right of the periodic table.
With similar characteristics to metals, these elements are located in the first group of the periodic table.
Having low electronegativities, these elements contain two electrons in their outer suborbital.

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