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Generally >140 bpm, this genre is distinguished by its 2-step rhythm and emphasis on bass.
Straight floor beats at approximately 130 bpm and hints of funk and disco characterize this genre.
Emerging in Britain during the 1990's, this genre emphasizes fast drum beats between 160-190 bpm and matching bass lines.
Originating in the 1990's with tempos between 130-155 bpm, this genre features sweeping pad and synth sounds and has been popularized mainly by Dutch artists.
With heavy emphasis on sampling and loops, this genre is similar to ambient but features tempos between 70-90 bpm.
Originating in the 1980's in Detroit, this genre is often used incorrectly to categorize all electronic music styles.
With 4-4 drum beats, disco and synth rock influences, this uptempo genre originated in Britain during the 1980's.
With its name coming from a popular dance style of the 1970's this genre of the 21st century has been popular throughout Asia as well as Europe.
A derivative of the American hip-hop movement, this genre features non 4x4 rhythmic patterns, intense syncopation, and sampling.
This genre separates itself by using computer or video game counsels to synthesize sounds in real time rather than using a sample-based approach.

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