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Can you name the videos from LoadingReadyRun season 5?

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Forced Order
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'O Canada' proves inaccurate.
Paul's hat is totally unremarkable.
Should Boll be allowed to make movies?
The Phail mines are critically low.
Let's see how fun art can be!
1 out of every 4 coincide with accidents.
Is Morgan qualified?
'Dumbing down' to a new level.
James' and Matt's standards are too low.
Graham becomes a douchebag.
He'll be your Final Fantasy.
An exposé on sex in video games.
The church isn't quite what you'd expect.
Best 11 billion dollars they ever spent.
Bill battles ninjas.
A mascot laments at its inexposure.
Graham overindulges in winter squash.
Just follow these three easy steps!
This is why I hate call centers.
The Warriors of Darkness vs Steve.
Where does ice cream come from?
Steve can't play church bells correctly.
What happens when you parody a parody?
James and Bill fight over video games.
What do you do if the truth sounds silly?
I am Cardboard Man!
LoadingReadyRun goes on strike.
A sandwich is brutally murdered.
The bears are plotting something.
With new and exciting shapes.
Laws even lawyers don't know about.
Life is complicated...
Graham dislikes anime.
If you have a problem, this won't help.
Some people like unemployment.
Snake imposes quality control.
It's a bird! It's a plane! What is it?
The roommates saga begins.
Maybe not an idiot. His movies still suck.
Tech support in the wild west.
Everyone passed, except Sven.
Who is best suited to be the 3rd member?
LRR now updates on Mondays.
Matt is using up all the Internets.
The iPhone is perhaps too interesting.
Watch it grow!
Why you shouldn't watch TV on Christmas.
Entertainment, including small appliances.
Andy creates the ten commandments.
HDDVD vs Blu-Ray.
Jer can't practice for open-mic night.
What would Wil Wheaton do?
The head of Evil Inc. plans too late.

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