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Can you name the characters from opposite countries who can marry?

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Who can marry...Answer
Soleil & Nina
Charlotte & Beruka
Effie & Nyx
Peri & Selena
Siegbert & Ignatius
Benny & Niles
Ignatius & Forrest
Shiro & Hisame
Percy & Siegbert
Effie & Beruka
Benny & Keaton
Orochi & Hana
Saizo & Kaden
Hisame & Kiragi
Kiragi & Asugi
Xander & Leo
Odin & Arthur
Kagero & Setsuna
Forrest & Percy
Hinoka & Sakura
Azama & Saizo
Mitama & Rhajat
Who can marry...Answer
Charlotte & Peri
Ophelia & Nina
Selkie & Rhajat
Laslow & Odin
Rinkah & Oboro
Velouria & Ophelia
Hayato & Azama
Laslow & Keaton
Setsuna & Oboro
Rinkah & Hana
Niles & Arthur
Selena & Nyx
Selkie & Caeldori
Mitama & Caeldori
Hinata & Kaden
Camilla & Elise
Subaki & Hinata
Hayato & Subaki
Asugi & Shiro
Orochi & Kagero
Velouria & Soleil
Ryoma & Takumi

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