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Can you name the classes in Fire Emblem given skills that they learn?

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Learnable SkillsClass
Resistance +2, Gentilhomme
Rally Strength, Axefaire
Lethality, Shurikenfaire
Miracle, Rally Luck
Rally Skill, Shurikenbreaker
Rally Movement, Galeforce
Draconic Hex, Nohrian Trust
Rally Defense, Swordbreaker
Duelist's Blow, Vantage
Darting Blow, Camaraderie
Defender, Aegis
Dual Striker, Awakening
Nobility, Dragon Fang
Air Superiority, Amaterasu
Shadowgift, Warp
Wary Fighter, Pavise
Golembane, Replicate
Tactical Advice, Ignis
Seal Magic, Lifetaker
Seal Resistance, Shove
Skill +2, Quick Draw
Learnable SkillsClass
Luna, Armored Blow
Magic +2, Future Sight
Evenhanded, Beastbane
Profiteer, Spendthrift
Salvage Blow, Lancebreaker
Good Fortune, Strong Riposte
Dragon Ward, Hoshidan Unity
Seal Strength, Life and Death
Survey, Opportunity Shot
Dancing Blade, Speedtaker
Heavy Blade, Aether
Certain Blow, Bowfaire
Strength +2, Lunge
Renewal, Countermagic
Potent Potion, Quick Salve
Even Better, Grisly Wound
Better Odds, Grisly Wound
Lucky Seven, Pass
Live to Serve, Tomebreaker
Seal Speed, Lancefaire
Aptitude, Underdog
Learnable SkillsClass
HP +5, Gamble
Locktouch, Poison Strike
Astra, Swordfaire
Locktouch, Movement +1
Defense +2, Natural Cover
Savage Blow, Trample
Elbow Room, Shelter
Rally Speed, Warding Blow
Sol, Axebreaker
Heartseeker, Malefic Aura
Vengeance, Bowbreaker
Rally Magic, Tomefaire
Seal Defense, Swap
Even Keel, Aggressor
Death Blow, Counter
Luck +4, Inspiring Song
Rend Heaven, Quixotic
Rally Resistance, Inspiration
Odd Shaped, Beastbane

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