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Can you name the Fire Emblem Fates classes by their description?

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The King of Nohr. He has inherited a large amount of dusk dragon blood.
A legendary hero spoken of in sagas. Fights wielding swords.
Has the ability to manipulate space. Can teleport great distances in the blink of an eye.
A Nohrian royal fitted with their kingdom's equipment. Their body conceals the power of dragons.
A high-ranking fox with great spiritual power.
Tacticians who command the battlefield from horseback. With their magic and staves, they turn the tide of battle.
Axe wielders with superior bodies. Have high attack power but weak defenses.
An Outrealm class. A knight who soars astride a pegasus. Fights wielding lances.
Those who have learned elusive battle arts. They disorient foes with katanas, clubs and shurikens.
Armored riders. Capable of wielding swords, lances and axes.
Male vassals who serve a master. They heal their master with staves and protect them with daggers.
Magic knights whose bodies are infused with sorcery. They're capable of harnessing swords and magic.
Those with excellent business acumen. They protect their fortune with naginatas and yumi.
A high-ranking werewolf with a more resilient body.
Renowned for their bravery, they wield swords and axes and can adapt to any battlefield.
Artisans who craft puppets. They wield shurikens and yumi with great dexterity.
Rides a mobile cannon. In addition to bows, can use cannons to inflict wide damage to enemy troops.
High-ranking magic users who have reached the esoteric pinnacle. They possess exceptional magic.
An unidentified dragon. Said to possess power that rivals the gods.
Female vassals who serve a master. They heal their master with staves and protect them with daggers.
Those who follow the path of the katana. Excels in battle by taking advantage of their speed.
Uses healing staves to aid allies. Cannot fight. (NPC)
High-ranking knights who fight on wyverns. With their axes and lances, they demolish enemy forces.
Those who have transcended to become a demon-god. They pulverise enemies with their clubs and spells.
Those who have reached the pinnacle of the yumi. Has exceptional accuracy and critical rate.
Those who have learned myriad spells. Well-versed with both scrolls and rods.
Glory-seekers who investigate ruins for treasure. With their bows and staves, they are capable of many things.
Undead monsters. They attack by striking opponents with their fists.
A powerful royal who leads armies. Can wield lances in addition to swords.
Dolls that move by clockwork. In addition to yumi, they attack with saws.
Men who have journeyed to enlightenment. They heal with rods and vanquish foes with naginatas.
A dusk dragon of Nohr. The dragon form of King Garon, successor of the dusk dragon's blood.
Knights who ride astride a pitch-black pegasus. They rush the battlefield armed with lances and tomes.
Women who fight for the gods and the people. They heal with rods and vanquish foes with yumi.
Riders who rain arrows from horseback. They can also wield swords.
Warriors who soar the skies astride a pegasus. Has excellent speed and resistance.
Crooks who are skilled at picking locks. Wield bows and boast high speed and resistance.
Those who prefer a quirky and free-spirited life. Disrupts enemies with their naginatas and scrolls.
Knights who fight astride a wyvern. Have superior strength and defense.
Foot-soldiers encased in heavy armor. Slow but with high defense.
Common folk who live in villages. During battles, they fight wielding naginatas.
Crazed fighters who wield axes. They excel in performing critical hits.
Common soldiers. They fight with lances. (NPC)
Those who study the art of spell-casting. They fight using Hoshidan scrolls.
Those who fight astride the fabled golden kite. With their naginatas and yumi, they dominate the skies.
Men who study to attain enlightenment. They can heal allies with rods.
A tactician with a gift for commanding troops. Can fight with swords and tomes.
A title given to a young royal. Fights with swords. (NPC)
A commander who fights at the front lines. Can wield both swords and axes.
A demon-like warrior who wields clubs. Boasts high offense and defense.
Those who follow the path of the naginata. Excels in battle by dropping the enemy's defense.
Those who follow the path of the yumi. They have superior skill.
Sell-swords who can handle any mission. They have well-balanced abilities and superior skill.
A werewolf said to feast on the flesh of humans. They have excellent strength and speed.
Those who have learned Nohrian magic. They attack enemies with magic.
Fortified from head to foot with heavy armor, they possess exceptional defense.
Those who can handle any type of enemy. Adept with katanas, naginatas and clubs.
Statues that move by magic. They attack by launching boulders from afar.
Women dedicated to serving the gods. They can heal allies with rods.
A female who calms minds with her beautiful songs. Can sing to allow allies another action.
High-ranking pegasus riders. In addition to naginatas, they can guard allies with rods.
Those who freely operate in the shadows. They use shurikens to attack and weaken enemies.
Royals whose heart aligns with Nohr. Wields magic in addition to swords and dragonstones.
One of the First Dragons. A dragon that rules over water. Can see the future and control people's hearts.
Knights who command a mage dragon. With their axes and magic, they trample over enemy forces.
Royals whose heart aligns with Hoshido. Wields rods in addition to katanas and dragonstones.
Those who have reached the pinnacle of the naginata. Has stable abilities.
A long-living fox who bewitches humans. Boasts high speed and resistance.
Staff-wielding knights who are incapable of fighting. They heal allies with staves.
Artisans who craft weapons. Wields katanas and clubs and boasts superior skill.
Knights who fight on horseback. Can use both swords and lances.
A dragon that resides in the Astral Plane. Said to reign over myriad pocket worlds.
Herb-sellers with extensive knowledge of herbs. They protect themselves with yumi.
Those who have reached the pinnacle of the katana. Has exceptional speed and evasion.
Ninja leaders. They execute targets with their shurikens and katanas.
High-ranking knights praised for their bravery.
An unidentified water monster. Upon receiving significant damage, it disperses to cause damage.

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