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Can you name the ITS ACADEMIC GRABBAG?

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Stuff you might find in ITS ACADEMICPersons/year/eventJust look at the answers if you get them
1066 key battle in the norman conquestInvolves William the Conqueroro
Conqueror of The IncasInvolved in murder of Atahualpa
Spanish searcher of the fountain of youth in FloridaI guess he never found it
Product of anaerobuc respiration. That often appears in skeletal muscles. Also found in yogurt.Opposite of a base
31st president of the United StatesI guess he was a cool guy
Buchanan's vicepresidentFigure it out yourself...
Author of Lord and the FliesHe was a golden guy
Jewish Day of AttonementSorry non-jewish people
name this element: A part of the name is derived from the predeccesors to the Olympians. It is a metal.You can probably find it in your knife kitchen set
Name this basketball player who scored a record setting game, with 100 pointsHe was TALL
Stuff you might find in ITS ACADEMICPersons/year/eventJust look at the answers if you get them
The author of the Great GatsbyCome on!!
Name any very famous movies by Albert Hitchcock;p
Composer of the hungarian rhapsodiesHe has quite a LIST of songs
Composer of Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, etc-----------------
Capital of CameroonLook it up
Realm of the Norse godsNot Midgard..
Famous Greek myth musician that journeyed to the underworld and played the lyreNot morpheus from 'The Matrix'
Ancient greek playwright Antigone and Oedipus
Author of Siddharta and steppinwolf and the glass bead game
Best website in the worldstars with an S and is not Google

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