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Season 1 Episode 1It's Zoey Brooks' first day at PCA
Season 1 Episode 2Zoey moves in with Quinn
Season 1 Episode 3Logan spies on the girls
Season 1 Episode 4Dustin is bullied by an older student
Season 1 Episode 5The girls pull a prank and it backfires badly
Season 1 Episode 6Zoey, Nicole and Dana make a commercial
Season 1 Episode 7Logan auditions for the school play
Season 1 Episode 8Quinn is in doubt when her crush doesn't like her back
Season 1 Episode 9Zoey, Nicole and Dana book Drake Bell for the spring fling
Season 1 Episode 10Stacy steals Zoey's backpack idea
Season 1 Episode 11Zoey and her friends join the disc golf team
Season 1 Episode 12Chase will do anything to go to the dance with Zoey
Season 1 Episode 13Zoey and her friends miss the bus to a party
Season 2 Episode 1Zoey and Nicole are assigned a new roommate
Season 2 Episode 2Chase is desperate to find out what Zoey put in her time capsule
Season 2 Episode 3Zoey and Chase are both running for vice president
Season 2 Episode 4Logan makes a haunted house
Season 2 Episode 5Dustin starts dating a naughty girl
Season 2 Episode 6A video of Zoey and Logan arguing goes viral
Season 2 Episode 7Lola dresses up like a boy to spy on Logan and Chase
Season 2 Episode 8Zoey and her friends make a robot
Season 2 Episode 9Chase tutors Lola and she develops a crush on him
Season 2 Episode 10 (TV Movie)Zoey and her friends go to Logan's house for spring break
Season 2 Episode 11Quinn is depressed and tried to run away
Season 2 Episode 12Sushi Rox burns down and Zoey holds and auction to rebuild it
Season 3 Episode 1Chase has a big surprise for Zoey
Season 3 Episode 2Chase's girlfriend doesn't let him be friends with Zoey anymore
Season 3 Episode 3There is a new Dean when Dean Rivers is injured
Season 3 Episode 4Quinn makes a germ that may be dangerous
Season 3 Episode 5Logan tutors Zoey but they aren't happy about it
Season 3 Episode 6The most popular guy in school picks on Logan and Chase
Season 3 Episode 7Logan will do anything to get into the silver hammer society
Season 3 Episode 8 (TV Movie)Lola convinces her friends to hike up a mountain to find a necklace
Season 3 Episode 9Zoey joins the wrestling team
Season 3 Episode 10Zoey writes a secret in a balloon
Season 3 Episode 11Zoey gets Chase's grandma to come visit for his birthday
Season 3 Episode 12Zoey is asked several favors
Season 3 Episode 13Chase gives Zoey a radio that is worth over $10,000
Season 3 Episode 14Michael is having trouble getting over his crush
Season 3 Episode 15Zoey is delivered hundreds of ribs
Season 3 Episode 16Logan is given an illegal cell phone
Season 3 Episode 17Quinn is jealous when young scientist visits
Season 3 Episode 18Zoey starts dating the dean's son
Season 3 Episode 19Quinn is unable to stop laughing
Season 3 Episode 20Zoey's dance partner gets injured
Season 3 Episode 21Logan hosts a beauty pagaent
Season 3 Episode 22Logan spends too much of his father's money
Season 3 Episode 23 (TV Movie)Zoey transferres to England
Season 4 Episode 1Zoey transferred back to PCA but Chase isn't there
Season 4 Episode 2Logan and Michael get a new roommate
Season 4 Episode 3Zoey and her friends spend their spring break at PCA
Season 4 Episode 4There is a rumor that Zoey is dating James
Season 4 Episode 5Logan begins bullying Dustin
Season 4 Episode 6Mark dumps Quinn and she is devastated
Season 4 Episode 7Zoey holds a walk a thon
Season 4 Episode 8Lola begins dating Vince
Season 4 Episode 9Logan and Quinn find a place to be alone
Season 4 Episode 10Coffee is banned from PCA
Season 4 Episode 11Michael gets over his fear of rollercoasters
Season 4 Episode 12 (TV Movie)Zoey and James break up and she is alone on Prom night
Season 4 Episode 13An episode where flashbacks are shown

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