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EpisodeEpisode TitleHint
Season 1 Episode 1Tori preforms in a big showcase
Season 1 Episode 2Tori struggles to find a theme for her locker
Season 1 Episode 3Robbie believes Trina is in love with him
Season 1 Episode 4Robbie helps his Mammaw with her computer
Season 1 Episode 5Robbie writes a bad review of Trina's One-Woman show, Chicago
Season 1 Episode 6Tori gets Zombie makeup stuck on her face
Season 1 Episode 7Cat becomes obsessed with purchasing items from a place called SkyStore
Season 1 Episode 8Tori and her friends are trapped in Beck's RV
Season 1 Episode 9Tori and Trina become trapped on a plane
Season 1 Episode 10Robbie has nightmare about Rex
Season 1 Episode 11Tori wants to join Jade's ping-pong team
Season 1 Episode 12Tori is jealous because Cat is dating her ex-boyfriend
Season 1 Episode 13Trina gets her wisdom teeth taken out
Season 1 Episode 14Tori accidentally sucks Rex into a giant tornado simulator
Season 1 Episode 15Sikowitz has the kids do a song for his friend
Season 1 Episode 16Tori finds a woman to pay $3000 for Jade's play
Season 1 Episode 17Tori, Andre, Beck, and Jade will be starring in a reality show
Season 1 Episode 18Sikowitz has the kids do a method acting challenge
Season 2 Episode 1Tori finds out a cute boy is cheating on her
Season 2 Episode 2Tori will be playing a stunt double in a movie
Season 2 Episode 3Tori must be Trina's assistant for a month
Season 2 Episode 4Tori must give a pint of blood to Robbie
Season 2 Episode 5Jade will do anything she can to destroy Tori's prom
Season 2 Episode 6Tori is arrested for accidentally kicking her shoe in a Chancellor's face
Season 2 Episode 7Everyone at Hollywood Arts must reaudition to keep going there
Season 2 Episode 8Trina is injured and Lane believes it was not an accident
Season 2 Episode 9Tori takes Sikowitz to a play
Season 2 Episode 10Andre develops a crush on Jade
EpisodeEpisode TitleHint
Season 2 Episode 11Sikowitz has the kids build a float for a parade
Season 2 Episode 12Andre gets a D on his Christmas song
Season 2 Episode 13Rex shows the Victorious cast their bloopers
Season 3 Episode 1Tori and her friends all have a Saturday detention
Season 3 Episode 2Sikowitz thinks Tori needs to be more edgy
Season 3 Episode 3Beck and Jade are constantly arguing
Season 3 Episode 4Jade invites herself to help Cat dog sit for her mom's boss
Season 3 Episode 5Cat forces Jade to drive her to San Diego
Season 3 Episode 6Sikowitz has Tori and Jade hang out at a restaurant for 5 hours
Season 3 Episode 7Tori is shocked that Hollywood Arts does not celebrate April Fools' Day
Season 3 Episode 8Tori struggles to find a ride to school
Season 3 Episode 9Robbie and Tori forgot to bring money to Nozu
Season 3 Episode 10Tori is asked to sing at the Platinum Music Awards
Season 3 Episode 11Jade's eyebrows are accidentally waxed off
Season 3 Episode 12Andre loses his Grandmother's parrot, Larry
Season 4 Episode 1Trina tells Tori about a huge sale at a store
Season 4 Episode 2Cat is tap dancing nonstop
Season 4 Episode 3Jade thinks Tori and Beck are on a date
Season 4 Episode 4Beck's friend from Canada visits, and the girls fight over him
Season 4 Episode 5Sikowitz challenges the kids to go a whole week without using modern technology
Season 4 Episode 6Cat gets a butterfly stuck in her ear
Season 4 Episode 7Cat is jealous when Robbie goes to a dance with another girl
Season 4 Episode 8There is a strange person bombing people with flour
Season 4 Episode 9There is an embarrassing picture of Jade on the internet
Season 4 Episode 10Tori is going to appear on a game show
Season 4 Episode 11Trina claims she has over 1,000 followers on The Slap
Season 4 Episode 12Jade finds out Cat is living at Hollywood Arts
Season 4 Episode 13Sikowitz challenges the kids to say yes to everything for a whole day

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