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Can you name the Paper Mario: Color Splash Things?

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Ruddy RoadUse to defeat Morton
Cherry LakeUse to start ship in Bloo Bay Beach and Violet Passage
Port PrismaUse to unclog Toad from pipe in Indigo Underground
Indigo UndergroundUse to cook steak in Tangerino Grill
The Crimson TowerHelpful in Battle
Chateau ChanterelleHelpful in Battle
Marmalade ValleyUse to defeat Iggy
The Golden ColiseumUse to open lava bottle in Redpepper Volcano
The Golden ColiseumUse to defeat Lemmy
Plum ParkUse to defeat Ludwig
Plum ParkUse to start tea party in Dark Bloo Inn
Sacred ForestHelpful in Battle
Cobalt BaseUse to defeat Wendy
Fort CobaltUse to calm Draggadon in Redpepper Volcano
Violet PassageUse to power electricity in Green Energy Plant
Violet PassageUse to help Captain direct the way of the ship
Vortex IslandUse to defeat Larry
Vortex IslandUse to defeat Roy
Lighthouse IslandUse to power Lighthouse in Lighthouse Island
Fortune IslandUse to cook steak in Tangerino Grill
Fortune IslandUse to cook steak in Tangerino Grill
Toad TrainworksUse to wake up Thwomp in The Sunset Express
Redpepper CraterUse to melt freezer in Tangerino Grill
Tangerino GrillUse to make pipe larger in Sacred Forest
Green Energy PlantHelpful in Battle
Green Energy PlantHelpful in Battle
The Emerald CircusUse to defeat Lemmy

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