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S in Seddiename
eddie in Seddienam
First kissepisode
Freddie called iCan't Take It
Sam called iDS&F, iCTI, iLY
They shared __ kisses6 episodes
Seddie numberone digit
Seddie colorN/A
For the 1st time, Freddie tells iLove You
Sam and Freddie broke up at...original time
but postponed it toso they could kiss
After they broke up they went the elevator
another nickname for Samin iLove You
another nickname for Freddiein iLove You
Sam and Freddie broke up inepisode
The went on a date iniDate Sam & Freddie
_____ tried to sabotage their relationshipOrenthal Gibson
Sam put bees in a teachers car because...iDate Sam and Freddie
Sam sabotaged Freddie's ____ camp applicationiCan't Take It
Freddie & Carly thought Sam loved...iOMG
What did Freddie do to Sam on the webshowin iLost My Mind

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