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Who lost their mind?
What was the name of the mental hospital?
Who did Gibby meet at the hospital?Jim Parsons
On the tv in the back what cooking show was playing?Lisa Lillien, Dan Schneider's wife
What color were the walls in the hospital?basic color (ie. not navy or aqua but blue)
'Kick my thighs. Kick 'em ____.'said by Jim Parson's character
'I'll get my _____.'said by Spencer
What was the name of the big fan of Seddie?seen in iStart a Fanwar
Who dressed up as Sam's mom?
'Well we know tons of _______.'said by Spencer
What did Gibby's penny-t say?mad washcloth
'Can we talk about the ____.'said by Freddie
What did Freddie do at the end of their web show?after his little speech

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