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Can you guess the Buffy character by three tropes that describe them?

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Forced Order
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Tragic Villain, Driven to Madness, Fortune Teller
Mr Exposition, I Am Very British, Parental Substitute
Born of Magic, Damsel in Distress, Kleptomaniac Hero
Dark Action Girl, Knife Nut, Accidental Murder
New Age Retro Hippy, The Mole, Neck Snap
Nice Girl, All Witches Have Cats, Speech Impediment
Adorkable, Badass Bookworm, Magic Misfire
Alpha Bitch, The Cheerleader, Hidden Depths
Evil Brit, Smoking is Cool, Badass Longcoat
Wolf Man, The Quiet One, Romantic Runner-up
Money Fetish, Brutal Honesty, Why Did it Have to be Bunnies?
Overshadowed by Awesome, Weirdness Magnet, The Heart
The Chosen One, Pintsized Powerhouse, Deadpan Snarker
The Atoner, Jekyll & Hyde, Stalker With a Crush

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