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Can you guess which King Gizz song each set of lyrics is from?

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LyricSong Title
Foreign nature,Polygondwanaland, eerie jungle, polygondwanaland
the huntsman heart forever beats, a woman is forever
When it all falls away, Clothes start to fray
From hollowed lungs, from shallow streams
I know the sea, will bury me, and all I see is ___
The devil runs wild under veil, Coming together in the pattern
I think I'll stop breathing and sink, I'm a boy I'm not a buoy
The spawn of satan is back, It's made of steel and black
Have you heard the murmerings of
The family sleeps, at the crease, they died by fire
Storm the bastion, alive with revenge, grand intentions
Deadly ulcers feeding on my skin
hehe hoho heee (hahahahaha)
Hold me up straight while I screw my, head on
We're gonna get there
All life has died. My house was blue, beautiful too
And now I dont feel anything. NEVER!
wipe the blood up off the floor, its my only law
Bloodthirsty Tendancies, Anti-authority
Once I'm ____ I only miss a beat
I climb up the stalk and plant the bean, the universe is a machine
You've got muscle, I am made of steel bone
But tricks are just for children, and cheating is a sin
Sky will crucify, tear little holes in my lungs, I think ill die
And piss and s**t upholds the flood, I'll rake them up; it's jusk my luck
LyricSong Title
I will draw and quarter all their children
I climb stairs to push you down, I climb chains to cut you down
Straitjacket and shackles at my feet, I'm grounded
Milk and honey form a body, come up through the door
Maybe we'll find the world centre, where equinox casts no shadow
I see through the bricks, to the sea
And everybody that I knew has stepped right in and taken over you
I, am, true, perspective
Shivering pilgrims, climb the steeple
Doctor please, ill do anything
Wait for the answer to open the door
The street is where, the street is where people live
His scales are hot and green, open your jaw for me
All the whiteness turns to grey, all the grey to cimmerian
Electricity escapes, leaves destruction in his wake
You couldn't see it with your eyes, or divine with intellect
Optical illusion, sheet of water
And hear my tail rattling 'til your death; (*Hits Vibraslap*)
Rising up out of my body, I am omnipresent for the many fingers
I can see you next to me, and it is lovely
All we discuss is superfluous, if we can't keep our hands to ourselves
F**king, eating corpses, there's a hornet in my throat
Exist inside the links of time And your heart will pump the blood of mine
Mass around your favourite devil, learn to make them cry
I need to locate the switch, hidden in me which

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