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You are young, life has been kind to you...No place like London
Wait, whats your rush, whats your hurry, you gave me such a fright I thought you were a....Worst Pies in London
Rest Now my friend, soon i'll unfold you soon you'll know.... you never have dreamed of all your days my... friendMy Friends
Now then my friend, now to your purpose.... enjoy it... can't be taken in hastPretty Women
Theres a hole in the world like a great black pit and its filled with people who are filled with.... and the.... of the world inhabit it.Epiphany
The history of the world my.... is those below serving those up above, how gratifiying for once who know that those... will serve those up aboveA little Priest
And if your beautiful what then with.... hair like hers, if only.... could prevail we'd be the way we were....Joanna
Oh Mr.Todd i'm so... I could... you up I really could, By the sea
As you've said repeatedly theres no point in living in the past, now.... my love not a thing to fear my love whats... is deadFinale
There was a barber and his wife and she was.... a foolish barber and his wife she was his reason and his....A barber and his wife

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