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QUIZ: Can you name the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Lines and Questions?

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Line or QuestionAnswerHint
'Wait!!! We can't stop here this is ??? country'A type of Animal
'Heres your half of the ??? Acid, EAT IT'Kind of LSD
'You have thirty minutes until you turn into a ??? animal'Behavior
Who was Johnney Depp portraying in this film?Writer
What does the desk clerk at the hotel turn into during the acid scene?Reptial
When Depp is trippin in the bar what food does his attorney say is good for him?Bar Food
'I was right in the middle of a **** ??? zoo and someone was giving booze to these goddamn things'Lizard like animal
'There's a giant machine in the sky some sort of electric snake coming right at us' 'Shoot it' Not yet i want to ??? its habits'What you do or don't do in school
What drug did they use when they went to the circus casino?Liquid
What famous actress was in the elevator in there casino?She was Princess Fiona in Shrek
Line or QuestionAnswerHint
When Thomas was pulled over what did the cop finally want from him?GAY!!!GAY!!!GAY!!!
Name the drugs that Thomas had on him throughout the movie2 bags of.... 75 pellets of... High powered.... a salt shaker half full of...
What false fact did the police chief make about marijuana during the police assemblyYou can be this with almost every other drug.
'Clean your ??? man'Clothing
'With his throbbing thirteen inch member' 'Thats so ???? man, thats AH! AH! thats AH!'Not pretty but....
What did Thomsons attorney write on the napkin that caused a mishap with the waitress?URANUS
What drug was Thomson on when he freaked out and destroyed the hotel room near the end?Hallucigon
Which president was talking on the T.V. before Depp passes out near the end in the destroyed hotel room scene?Watergate
What does Thomson have in his mouth through the whole movie?Used for holding
'Down the highway to frantic oblivion, saftey, security, just another ??? in the ??? kingdom'A very strange person.

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