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Ace says to Helicopter: 'You know you could put somebodies ___ out with that thing.'Body Part, and old saying
Who plays as Ace Ventura?Liar,Liar Bruce Almighty....
What is ace climbing at the beginning?Huge rock
To save what kind of animal?vicious
What movie is Ace Ventura parodying when it shows the animal fall of the cliff?Sylvester Stallone
Who is Ace with after the mountain accident?Budda
What does Ace throw down the huge stairs?Toy
'Can I do it one more time?' I'm sorry sir but we must catch the plane!' 'Your right how selfish of me, lets do all the things that ??? wanna do!'Not me but...
'(Moans) Canadian Mooster mating season and now for a ???.'The noise is it's name!
When they arrive in Africa they see a Billboard advertising what fast food restaurant?Eat Fresh
What song does Ace sing while driving through the woods?Old Movie, Song
'Can't we slow down just a tinsey winsey bit?' Nonscence ????'Childish thing to say
What does Ace offer to make the girl with the fox skin over her shoulders?Shoes
Who was the fox skin ladies friend?Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars
What does Ace do with his hands in the projection room?HI HO SILVER AWAYYYY!
What does Ace call the room for animal lovers?
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What is one of Ace's catch phrases?Not a winner
Another of Aces Catch phrases?Opposite
Who wins in the fight against ace and the wachutu crazy man?Who do you think?
What is it that ace is out to find?Bird
What does Ace use to spy on the supposed theifs?Machine
What goes wrong in the machine?'It's kindof Hot in these rhinos!'
How does Ace get out of the rhino?'The rhino's giving birth!'
Where does Ace throw the Amulent of Spiritual Oneness?it's dark
Thank you helpy help****?erton!
'Not so fast Sweeny To**???Not Sweeny Todd
Who is it that had planned the theft all along?Guy who hired him!
What does Ace use to knock out the police man near the end?ASHIBOBO
What vehical does Ace take to chase the Consolant?Big Truck!!!
'Ahhhh he wants to go ???? road.'not on
What happens to the Consolant?They get rather hostile
Why does both tribes chase Ace away in the end?They say she's not a virgin... they can tell that?

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